Water Colour On Paper

The watercolor paper you choose can have a huge bearing on the quality of your work. On this page I’ll help you select the paper that’s best for you!

You might save some money with low quality paper, but you’ll find that watercolor pigments do not respond well on cheap surfaces, making some techniques difficult to perform. You also don’t want paper that will start disintegrating when you use rough techniques (like scrubbing). It’s also important that the paper be acid-free and long-lasting.

There are lots of different types of watercolor paper available to watercolorists, and even after you’ve narrowed down the selection to the best varieties, it often boils down to personal preference. Here are some factors you should consider when making a selection: (1) quality, (2) production, (3) content, (4) weight, (5) texture, (6) tinting, and (7) form.